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Bill Pratt Coaching
Tracy Huff
Rapid Results Renee
Cindy Waite
AI For SoloPreneur
Celeste Bonnet, Positive Cash Flow Mentor
Leontine Boxem - The Freedom Code™
Thrive for Success Coaching and Consulting
CLICK BUTTON Marketing - By Lin Petra
Dr Rola Hallam
Cameron Leadership Development Inc
Judit Mueller-Kiss
Jyotsna Hofmann Business Success Mindset Coach
Coach Influent
Surf City Business Coaching
Profit Up Business Coaching
Roberta Blank
Monica Hill Business Coaching


Laura Meier
Ibolya Iakab, CPA

Health/Weight Loss

Jason Whistler, NBCHWC
Release It!...Forever LLC
Laura Tolosi of Laura Tolosi Nutrition
Metabolic Mastery Coaching
Kevin Toms Coach
Stacey L. Bracey, Vegan Health, Life, And Clarity Coach
Rose Palma


CMG Premier Consulting, LLC
Kari Annen - Founder & CEO of Ever Brilliant
Dr. Lily Benavides
Transcend Wisdom Co. Ltd
Marlene Durrell
Linda Elie - Always Follow Your Bliss LLC


Hero's Journey Parent Empowerment Program with Kathi Sohn
Your Parent Coach, Kristina Saelee, Founder of emPOWERed Parenting
Hélène Loiselle
Bill Peavoy from Becoming Mentors

Mindset/Goal Setting

Martha Gonzalez
Neurovascular Institute, Inc.
Collin Dayley Peak Potential Coaching
Artfully Designed Wellness with Deanna Fahlman
Tanya Spencer
Will Schattner
WeBe Wellbeing
Linda Kattan
Mark Eslinger
Susana Cor de Rosa
Spiritual Wellness
Curtis Titus
"Suffering is Optional" - Yvon Chausseblanche
Tuli Kaldera
Dancing In the Vortex

Wealth Attraction

Bella Mind Body Spirit
Lana Wolfe, LLC
Act Now Life Coaching, LLC
Antje Klatte - Founder of MoneyMuscle

Home Organization

Julie Weisgerber & Janis Kosmala, ABC DEclutter with JJ

Time Management

Tiago:DSousa, The Happy Schedule Coach


Carol L. Stokes

Latin Language Coaching

B. Kay Neal


Scott Maly Consulting & NPT

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Bill Pratt Coaching


Get access to a comprehensive group of checklists and ready-made templates to use in your coaching business. Don’t start from scratch… take action today! Templates include: speaking contract, client contract, client on-boarding, JV calendar, expense tracker, several blueprints and much more.

Tracy Huff


Welcome to the Bold Breakthrough Academy, a transformative program designed specifically for professional women and small business owners who are ready to turn their setbacks into monumental successes. In a world where challenges can often feel like insurmountable barriers, our academy offers a powerful pathway to breakthroughs that redefine what’s possible for your career and business.

The journey begins with our “Setbacks to Success” call, a pivotal first step where we lay the foundation for your transformation. This isn’t just another consultation; it’s a deep dive into the heart of your challenges, a place where we uncover the hidden opportunities for growth and empowerment that lie within your struggles. We understand the unique hurdles you face – from navigating the complexities of leadership in male-dominated spaces to balancing the intricate dance of personal and professional life, all while striving to maintain your authenticity and drive.

Our academy is more than just a program; it’s a community of fierce, like-minded women who are committed to breaking through barriers and achieving their dreams. During the “Setbacks to Success” call, we’ll tailor a strategy that aligns with your individual goals and challenges, integrating practical business insights with transformative personal growth techniques. This approach ensures that you’re not just overcoming obstacles but turning them into the very stepping stones that will lead to your greatest achievements.

Booking this call is the first step towards joining a sisterhood of ambitious women who are rewriting their stories from setbacks to success. It’s an invitation to embrace your potential, to transform your challenges into your greatest assets, and to step boldly into the future you deserve.

Don’t let another day pass by feeling stuck or hindered by obstacles. Book your “Setbacks to Success” call today and embark on a journey with the Bold Breakthrough Academy, where every setback is a setup for a remarkable breakthrough. Together, we’ll unlock the bold, unstoppable force within you.

Rapid Results Renee


🚀 Ignite Your Business Potential: Exclusive 1-1 Coaching Awaits! 🚀
Hey Visionary Entrepreneur,
Ever been told your groundbreaking business idea is a “terrible idea” or that you’re about to “lose your shirt”? Well, buckle up because I’m here to turn those doubts into undeniable success!
I’m Rene Schur, your Purpose-Driven Coach, dedicated to propelling fearless risk-takers like you towards entrepreneurial triumph. Your vision is on the brink of greatness, and I’m here to ensure it soars.
🌟 What Awaits You? 🌟
In our exclusive, complimentary 1-1 coaching session, we’re set to:
1. Refine Your Vision: Let’s dissect your business idea, refining it to a razor-sharp focus for ultimate success.
2. Conquer Hidden Challenges: Together, we’ll unearth and conquer any obstacles standing between you and your dreams, crafting strategic solutions.
3. Fuel Your Fire: Walk away not just motivated but fueled with a fire that propels you to take the entrepreneurial world by storm.
💡 Why Me? 💡
As a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve navigated the path from audacious idea to triumph. My mission is to empower daring souls like you to silence skeptics and build the business of your dreams.
🔥 Ready to Transform Your Vision Into Reality? Your Next Move: 🔥
Go to https://www.rapidresultsrenee.com and let’s lock in your free 1-1 coaching session. No more holding back – the perfect moment to launch your business is NOW.
Remember, the sweetest victory is the one against all odds. Let’s claim it together!
To your unstoppable success,
Renee Schur Your Purpose-Driven Coach



Are you a coach or an aspiring coach looking to elevate your business strategy and financial management? I’m Charlie Minanno, armed with an MBA and CPA, here to guide you through the complexities of business growth and financial sustainability in the coaching industry.

Transform Your Coaching Practice:

Business Strategy Mastery: Learn to navigate the competitive landscape of coaching with strategic business planning and execution. I’ll help you clarify your business vision, identify your niche, and create a roadmap to achieve your goals, ensuring you stand out in a crowded market.

Financial Health for Coaches: Understand the financial intricacies of running a coaching business. From pricing your services and managing cash flow to tax planning and profitability analysis, gain the financial acumen needed to build a thriving practice.

Operational Efficiency: Streamline your operations to save time and increase client satisfaction. Discover tools and techniques to automate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus more on coaching and less on backend operations.

Why Choose Charlie?

With a unique blend of strategic insight and financial expertise, I offer personalized consulting that goes beyond generic advice. Whether you’re starting out or looking to scale, I provide practical, actionable guidance to help you achieve long-term success and financial stability in your coaching business. Beyond being a CPA and MBA, I am university professor and certified NLP trainer. CONTACT ME AT 267 625 8409 for a DISCOUNTED BUSINESS MASTERY STRATEGY SESSION. IT’S TIME TO WORK WITH SOMONE WITH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AND THE CREDENTIALS AND CREDIBILITY TO BACK YOU UP. OFFER LIMITED OT FIRST 10 REPSONDENTS.

Cindy Waite


Meditation Mastery Coaching Program that offers comprehensive and personalized guidance that is tailor-made for clients to create and grow their meditation practice.

AI For SoloPreneur


Hi SoloPreneurs, SohoPreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Inventors and Manufacturers. I was a SoloPreneur like you and can help you use AI in your business.
I help SoloPreneurs grow their Business with AI Tips and Prompts using our proprietary AI Rocket Launch Formula so you work less and earn more.
This Formula will help keep you on the cutting edge because we do all the back-end work and AI experimentation.
Created “Long Tail” Prompts to create Newsletters, Twitter and LinkedIn Feeds.
Find out what “Emotional Prompts” are and why you should use them?
Find out what “Motivational Prompts” are and why you should use them?
Can you 10X your responses using the right prompts?
Everything to get new, profitable customers.
Sign up and be the first to know.
I have the experience:
Invented and patented many products in the computer industry that everybody said:
Will Not Work and No One Bought….Sad
So I created Unique Marketing Ideas.
Then Everybody Bought. I bet this includes Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!…Happy
Invented 300 new products.
Sold over 800 different products.
Over 1000 Vendors that I personally set up.
12,000 customers.
Manufactured for FedEx, Gillette, Kodak, Fuji, The Pentagon, USPS, every gas station, post office.
Personally Exhibited at over 300 Trade Shows.
Sold clients from the US to Germany.
Have a bunch of patents which I also licensed and trademarked.
When you look at a Magazine/ ezine, what do you see?
I see a Million Dollar Magazine!
I made a lot of dumb and costly mistakes and will reveal the ones that exploded in my face so you do not make the same dumb and costly mistakes I made…OUCH!
Sign up NOW and get first access to my newsletters.
“If I do not know, I will find out.”
How can I help you?

Celeste Bonnet, Positive Cash Flow Mentor


Ambitious Mompreneurs with ADHD. Grab your FREE “Repeat Profits Cheat Sheet” ~~ 4 methods to UNCOVER HIDDEN CASH in your online, service-based business. At Busy Moms First, we specialize in exclusive, done-with-you masterminds of 2-10 members, led by Celeste Bonnet, Positive Cash Flow Mentor.

Leontine Boxem - The Freedom Code™


For the entrepreneur/ coach over 40 who doesn’t want to give up a hidden dream inside. My proven Freedom Code™ Framework, which has helped thousands of clients before you, will teach you step-by-step how to master your midlife & create a ‘Legendary Life’ with ease, joy & impact.

Thrive for Success Coaching and Consulting


Interested in creating flow and clarity in your business and life? Hundreds of others have done exactly that by creating their Thriving Core Values Profile (not your normal values exercise per those who have taken it.) Create your profile in < 20 minutes to see if you agree and get a BONUS gift.

CLICK BUTTON Marketing - By Lin Petra


Create your Viral Coaching Offer, Website, 50+ Nurture Emails, Lead Magnets, VSL Scripts, 300+ Content Marketing Hooks, and much more! Without Marketing, Copywriting & Design Skills. By CLICK OF BUTTON using State-of-the-Art marketing automation.

Claim your 30 Days Free Software Access + Training.

Dr Rola Hallam


Struggling to get the clients you want?
Join me for my free 2-hour masterclass where I share 7 lessons that helped me: Meet with President Obama; Raise over $1M from a 15-minute talk; Create a video that got 12M+ views; and Generate $90K from my first high ticket program, all by speaking my truth.

Cameron Leadership Development Inc


Mastermind for solopreneurs who have been in business for at least 5 years and are stuck and want to move to the next level financially.

Judit Mueller-Kiss


Help Clients Say YES Faster and Easier with “The Hidden Magic Of Objections Alchemy”
Download these free resources to learn how to anticipate and overcome objections on your strategy calls while staying true to yourself so you can help more clients.

Jyotsna Hofmann Business Success Mindset Coach


My 5 step Elevate Mindset Coaching Program is a bespoke highly effective, results driven, 6 month 1:1 VIP coaching program for business owners, entrepreneurs and senior leaders who want to smash through revenue ceiling, increase sales and profits and grow their business.

Coach Influent


For French-speaking online entrepreneurs ! Attend my free virtual summit to learn from 21 top entrepreneurs how to get more visibility, sign high-ticket clients and generate consistent incomes so that you can have the freedom and impact you dream of ! I have gathered a panel of experts in different fields from content creation, neuromaketing, storytelling, lead generation to social media, AI, mindset, public speaking, productivity and so on !

Surf City Business Coaching


We help entrepreneurs & small businesses grow via direct business coaching/consulting. Using our experience in corporate leadership, starting/operating businesses, coaching/advising executives & utilizing proprietary profit growth software, we’re experts in guiding clients to achieve their goals.

Profit Up Business Coaching


Are you tired of burning the midnight oil, pouring your heart and soul into your business, only to see your profits stagnate & expenses rise? Time to transform your business and life; keep more profit & lower liabilities? Join Our Free webinar where your journey to increased profit & growth begins.

Roberta Blank


I help mom entrepreneurs to uplevel in both their business and personal lives, so that they can reach new levels of success without sacrificing their well being, or precious time with their children. Unlike other coaching options like life coaching or business coaching, which focus on one area to the neglect of the other, I use a signature blend of high performance coaching techniques, backed by my 20-year career in finance and experience as a mom, to help my clients elevate their lives both personally and professionally. As a result, my clients achieve results that improve their well-being and unlock new levels of business growth.

Transform your daily chaos into a well-oiled machine with our Top 20 Time Management Tips guide! This power-packed, 8-page resource is your ticket to mastering your schedule and reclaiming your life.

🌟 Why You Need This Guide:

1. Tailored for Success: Handpicked by experts, our guide cuts through the clutter to bring you 20 actionable tips that promise real results.
2. Immediate Impact: Implement these strategies and witness a significant boost in your productivity and time efficiency.
3. Designed for Busy Lives: Whether you’re juggling deadlines or family commitments, our tips are practical, easy to apply, and transformative.

Don’t let stress and overwhelm be your norm. Our guide is more than just advice; it’s a lifestyle change. With each tip, you’ll see tangible improvements in how you manage your time, prioritize tasks, and achieve your goals.

🎁 Grab Your Free Copy Now by going to the link and entering your email address!
Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a life of efficiency and calm.

Join thousands who’ve already benefited from these life-changing strategies. Get your FREE copy of Top 20 Time Management Tips today and start your journey to a more productive, fulfilling life!

Monica Hill Business Coaching


It’s time to ReInvent You! I struggled with overwhelm, stress, burnout, feeling unfulfilled, and unappreciated in my career. There was a time where I literally felt stuck. I found a way to reinvent myself as a coach that has allowed me to have a new perspective on life, that has renewed my passions, and makes me excited everyday. As a result, I created a system to help other professionals take back control of their life and create their life on their terms. My 5-Day How to ReInvent Yourself As A Coach Challenge helps you gain clarity around your most profitable and exciting business market and shows you how to begin to monetize yourself. My ReInvent You Fast Track Program helps professionals reinvent themselves and begin taking clients in as little as 90 days! So if you are ready for a career you love that allows flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to create life on your terms come join the How To Reinvent Yourself As A Coach Challenge!

Laura Meier


Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job and dreaming of a more satisfying career? If the thought of going to work fills you with dread, I’ve got something special for you! From Frustration to Fulfillment: Claim Your FREE Session to Reimagine Your Career!

Ibolya Iakab, CPA


Are you a woman over 50, ready to pivot from your JOB to entrepreneurship using your hard-earned skills? Break out of the traditional job search and aim high. If you’re looking to redefine your professional life and step into the empowerment of owning your business, I have something special for you.

Jason Whistler, NBCHWC


Feeling weighed down and drained? Tried endless diets but still struggling? I’ve been there. As a coach, I help professionals like you lose weight, refocus, and feel younger without extra stress. Book a free 60-min Total Body Transformation Session with me. I’ll pinpoint why you haven’t achieved results and give you an actionable map to finally reach your health goals. My insights will reignite motivation and set you up to feel energized, focused and your best self. Schedule now before spaces fill up – your future vibrant self will thank you.

Release It!...Forever LLC


Every woman deserves to be free of cravings, emotional eating, and self-sabotage and have the healthy body she desires without needing diets, pills, surgery, or restriction.

If that doesn’t yet describe you, let’s change that. Apply for a “Weight Loss Without Willpower” Breakthrough Call!

Laura Tolosi of Laura Tolosi Nutrition


Ten in 21 – Thrive Body Program.

Have energy to show up for your clients, shed the weight that has secretly been stealing your confidence on your FB lives, and enjoy upleveling your health as much as you do your career.

Your business is not the only thing that needs to be cared for, your health and weight loss results are a priority too. With my step-by-step Thrive Body – Ten Pounds in 21 Days Program, you’ll lose the weight that has been holding you back from showing your face on social media, find the confidence you’ve been lacking to share your message so you shine in front of your fb feed, and have the energy, focus, and mental endurance for the unexpected marathon sessions with your new client (without having to diet!).

You CAN enjoy your chocolate covered strawberries and lead a life of freedom too!

>>>Enroll in this program HERE (usual investment $97, free limited time offer for Christian’s list only).


Metabolic Mastery Coaching


Do you—or does someone you love—have a metabolic disease or diabetes diagnosis and do you feel like your blood sugar problems may take away your joy and freedom in life?

Dive into Metabolic Mastery, not just a course but a journey to reclaim the joy and freedom obscured by diabetes, blood sugar and metabolic concerns. Over four months, guided by my three decades of experience with Type 1 diabetes and a deep dive into holistic and scientific knowledge and wellness practices, you’ll transform your relationship with your health.

This program is your tailored map through the complex landscape of metabolism. It’s about empowering you with the ‘why’ behind blood sugar levels and the impacts of food and lifestyle, beyond mere dietary guidelines or exercise routines. It’s about syncing your life’s rhythms with your health goals, ensuring you don’t just survive but thrive.

You’ll learn to navigate meals and social scenes without compromise, enjoy your favorite treats guilt-free, and implement small yet impactful changes for lasting health. You’ll learn to minimize the swings—and reduce the harm of the impact of the inevitable sugar swings—by harnessing tools for resistance to compliance, stress management, better sleep, and increased energy.

By the end of this journey, you’ll not just be able to manage your condition; you’ll be equipped to master it for the rest of your life. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to embark on the rest of your life, better prepared to live each day fully and joyfully.

Join me, Karin Collinsworth, Metabolic Mastery and Holistic Health Coach +. Let’s start this transformative journey and meet your future self—energized, empowered, and radiant.

Kevin Toms Coach


Adult Diagnosed ADHD – Learn the secrets to making it your power.
Diagnosis can be a shock that leads to thoughts of what might have been, and even grief. Learn the secrets to turning this challenge, and potential limitation, into a power working for you and your future. I have ADHD. I get it.

Stacey L. Bracey, Vegan Health, Life, And Clarity Coach


Unlock your best health! Discover the why behind your food choices. Our personalized nutrition program tackles issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Indulge in tasty meals, desserts, expert guidance, and exclusive perks. Invest in your well-being today!

Rose Palma


Rose Palma, M.S. in Oriental Medicine, CA Licensed Acupuncturist. Expert health coach with 20+ years, specializing in holistic healing for mental health, pain management, and overall well-being. Integrating Eastern and Western practices for a balanced life.

CMG Premier Consulting, LLC

Christina@CMGPremierConsulting.com (purchase made with chris1gill@aol.com)

Constantly Feeling Self Criticism or Judgment?
Are You Experiencing Uncertainty, Frustration or Stress?

Improve Confidence, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Relationship & EQ Skills To Reach Your Full Potential By Increasing Your Max Peak Performance, Leadership For Life!

Limited 90% Discount Now!

Kari Annen - Founder & CEO of Ever Brilliant


If you want to end the persistent struggle to recruit top talent, the ongoing challenge to retain key employees, a culture resistant to change, a lack of accountability, and the headache of developing your next leaders quickly, then, I’d like to help you to Cultivate Excellence: Build Leaders, Boost Retention, Ignite Productivity with ease by offering you a special one-on-one or group leadership “Strategic Decision-Making Coaching Session.”

During this session we will…
• Create a crystal-clear vision for the results that you want your team to produce, for the way that you’d like your team to interact with each other and for the kind of people you would like to have on your team.
• Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building.
• You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a powerful results-driven team that gets things done so that you can be the office hero and still have a flourishing personal life.

To claim this special coaching session simply answer the following questions by email:
Subject Line: “Strategic Decision-Making Coaching Session.”
1. How long have you been in this leadership position?
2. What are the biggest leadership challenges you’re facing today?
3. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it to you to get better results from your team?
4. What are your ultimate aspirations and goals as a leader?

Be sure to also include your name, phone number and email address when you reply to schedule your session within the next 24 to 48 hours.

All the best,
Kari Annen

Dr. Lily Benavides


HR Professionals: Elevate Your Influence & Impact Today!

Ever feel that your brilliance is drowned within the corporate hum, overlooked and undervalued?

You are meant to SHINE!

In this FREE personalized session with Dr. Lily Benavides, an expert in executive leadership, you’ll learn how to 10X your impact, gain influence, and elevate your standing within your organization.

Transcend Wisdom Co. Ltd


Are you ready to become the leader who thrives in life, not just survives in the boardroom?

In the relentless arena of corporate leadership, you’re not merely facing challenges; you’re locked in a battle against stress, decision fatigue, and the unwavering pressure to perform. Meanwhile, as your personal life suffers, you wonder how you can make sacrifices and still have it all.

For over four decades, I’ve navigated the high-stakes tumult of the international oil and gas industry. I’ve stood where you stand—on the precipice, seeking equilibrium.

Discovery came a decade ago for me: meditation—a transformative practice that redefined my world. Fast forward to today, and I’ve honed a five-point leadership coaching system delivering rapid, profound results. I’ve synthesized deep meditation techniques with time-tested leadership strategies, crafting a journey from chaos to clarity.

Imagine beginning each day with unshakeable focus and serenity. Envision making decisions with pinpoint accuracy—decisions that galvanize your team and command respect from peers. This is not a distant dream but a tangible reality I bring to you.

The corporate tide waits for none.

Embark on your transformation with a unique one-on-one “Breakthrough Leadership Mastery Coaching Session.” In this complimentary session, we’ll forge a crystal-clear vision for your future and uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success. You’ll emerge renewed, reenergized, and inspired to create powerful results.

This is your moment. Grasp it with resolve.

Fast forward one year: Who will you be?

The time to act is now. Step into the future of leadership—a realm where you command with power, navigate with precision and exude inner peace.

Don’t let another year slip by under the burden of unrealized potential. Make the decision today, and a year from now, you’ll be the inspiring leader everyone, including yourself, aspires to follow.

Marlene Durrell


As an executive coach supporting your leadership growth, I will give you a complementary session to experience how coaching can help you be your best!

Linda Elie - Always Follow Your Bliss LLC


Seeking more joy and freedom in your life? I help leaders like you find more clarity and confidence. Ready to transform? Schedule a 30-min ‘Breakthrough to Bliss’ session. As RoseMary says, “Linda’s coaching is invaluable.” Let’s create your dream life together!

Hero's Journey Parent Empowerment Program with Kathi Sohn


With this program, move from chaos into a calm, connected, parenting experience and learn to communicate with your child in a way that creates cooperation in your home. Clear the negative impact of any childhood trauma on your current life and your parenting and get clarity and direction to achieve your personal as well as parenting goals.

Your Parent Coach, Kristina Saelee, Founder of emPOWERed Parenting


In the first chapter of Navigating the Storm: Empowering Parents to Support Their Teen’s Journey Through Depression, Kristina introduces readers to the powerful concept of connections. With empathy and expertise, she guides parents on a transformative journey to understand the importance of building strong connections with their teenagers who are coping with depression.

Kristina emphasizes the crucial role of parental support in a teenager’s mental health journey. She highlights the significance of building a strong foundation of trust, communication, and understanding between parents and their struggling teens. Drawing from both scientific studies and her own experiences, Kristina provides practical advice on how parents can cultivate these connections effectively.

Kristina also shares helpful strategies for creating meaningful connections with depressed teens. From active listening techniques to fostering a non-judgmental environment, she offers practical tips that empower parents to support their teenagers through their darkest moments. Her insights are backed by current research and expert advice, ensuring parents have access to reliable information and guidance.

By the end of the chapter, readers will have gained a deeper understanding of the power of connections and how it can positively impact their teenager’s journey through depression. They will feel equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster a strong bond with their struggling teen, creating a safe space for healing and growth.

Overall, the first chapter of Navigating the Storm: Empowering Parents to Support Their Teen’s Journey Through Depression sets the stage for an enlightening and transformative reading experience. Kristina’s compassionate approach, combined with her expertise, provides parents with a valuable resource to navigate the challenging terrain of supporting their teenager through depression.

Hélène Loiselle


👋 Hi there fellow coach 👋

Every month I work 1:1 with a handful of powerhouse professionals and coaches who are pregnant and want to reduce their stress so they can have an incredible pregnancy experience without sacrificing their careers or business growth.

I show you how to achieve maximum impact in your work with minimal stress and restore balance between your professional and personal life.

First, we change the way you handle stressors so that you react much less to the usual triggers of your work environment.

Then, we assess how your personal and business life coexist and craft the perfect balance for you.

Throughout this entire process, we also focus on creating the amazing bond you long for between you and your baby.

So that you achieve a beautiful low-stress pregnancy while excelling in your career or business!

I work with expectant women who are:

💎 In a professional setting
💎 In the coaching world

Here’s what you need to be a good fit:

✅ Your business is important to you but you also want to give your pregnancy the low stress environment and attention it deserves
✅ You’re willing to makes changes to the way you manage stress and to your work-life balance to prioritize yourself and your baby

For more details, check out my program, The Low Stress Pregnancy Blueprint 😊.



I have a passion for coaching and equipping young people as they navigate the strong currents of life. Coach Donna, I’ve been called since high school, coaching many youth swim teams to victory in the pool and also in life. With four grown kids of my own, I now help other kids who’ve experienced broken homes.

A near tragic event in the ocean, sent me on a quest to learn how to manage rip currents and from there, my Ocean Safety Assemblies were born. I’ve also added a CPR Assembly that equips young people for performing hands-only CPR, as well as responding to a bully.
Encouraging and preparing kids for the ocean and life is my passion. The goal is to develop future leaders with character for our country.

I coach kids in schools and I’m also available for one-on-one coaching, especially for families recovering from the strife and turbulence of divorce.

Please see my website for more information on what I have to offer and contact me so we can plan a free strategy session to help bring healing to your students and into your homes.

Bill Peavoy from Becoming Mentors


Calling all parents! Elevate your parenting journey with our exclusive offer:

4 FREE TOOLS designed to empower your tweens and teens for success.

Join us in our mission to inspire and support the rising generation as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and strive for greatness. With over 25 years of mentoring experience, we understand the unique needs of today’s youth in our rapidly changing world.

Our weekly teen mastermind groups and entrepreneur courses have helped countless young individuals unlock their highest potential. Now, we’re excited to share these 4 powerful tools with your family:

1. Vision Board of Directors: Nothing motivates youth more than identifying who they are striving to become and creating an action plan to get there.

2. Goal Accelerators: Propel your teen’s ambitions and aspirations forward with structured goal-setting techniques and personal accountability.

3. Daily Success Journal: Cultivate a mindset of growth and achievement through daily reflection and gratitude practice.

4. Goal-getter Checklists: Keep your teen focused and organized as they record their progress on actionable checklists tailored for success.

Empower your kids, ages 8-18, to reach new heights and embrace their full potential.

Visit BecomingMentors.com or click the link below to claim your 4 FREE TOOLS today ($250 Value) and embark on a journey designed to level up your teen’s motivation, confidence, and productivity.



Embark on a life-altering journey with our Transform Your Mind: 12-Week Mental Fitness Program – a promise to revolutionize your life!

Welcome to a transformative experience where we stand by you every step of the way. Commit to this 12-week program, and we assure you unwavering support until the very end. Your willingness to invest effort is the key to unlocking a profound turnaround in your life.

This isn’t just a program; it’s a pledge to be your steadfast companion as you navigate the path of change. Your dedication will be met with success as you reshape your life once and for all. Let’s embark on this journey together, and witness the incredible transformation that awaits you!

Martha Gonzalez


Free online session – Martha Gonzalez
I am a mindset coach who helps women entrepreneurs eliminate their limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities to increase their confidence in themselves and their entrepreneurship.

My free online session offer:
Entrepreneurship with Confidence: Overcome Fears and Insecurities and Achieve Success
Free online session

Are you a female entrepreneur ready to boost your confidence and lead your business to success?

During this session we will:
1. Create a crystal-clear vision for your personal success and your business.
2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your personal growth and your business.
3. Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to grow your business and achieve your personal goals.

Don’t let internal barriers stop you from achieving your goals. 💪
I am making this offer for the first time, and I don’t know how intense the response will be. I will take as many people as possible.

This offer will be provided in Spanish.

Take advantage of this offer, simply click in the next link to schedule your free session:

Neurovascular Institute, Inc.


I’m Dr. Cathy Holway, PT, DPT, and I am your embodied transformation guide. In my Power Process Program, we work help you release old traumas, restore your vital body-brain connections, and reclaim your true life purpose. Let’s work together, to bring source and self to service!

Collin Dayley Peak Potential Coaching


What if you could quiet the inner critic and automatically achieve any goal you set? Uncover the hidden thought habits that are holding you back by taking the Habit Finder Assessment. Fifteen minutes or less, then book a free personalized coaching session to debrief. Discover how to shift your thinking to create the results you most want–automatically!

Artfully Designed Wellness with Deanna Fahlman


Are you a high-performing woman looking to regain work-life balance, find inner peace, and achieve a sense of fulfillment without overwhelm or stress? Then EmpowerHER is for YOU! Join us for an immersive coaching journey, offering a blend of strategic, intuitive, and mindful techniques to help YOU.

Tanya Spencer


Perhaps, like I once was, you feel like you’ve silenced your dreams and lost parts of you along the way. You know this isn’t what you want but stress blocks you from finding a way out. If you yearn for change, then it’s time to join my F🤬ck Being Stuck coaching. Together, let’s reclaim your star.

Will Schattner


I am Will and I help men and women end their anxiety. Stop living in fear and wasting your vital life force energy. Change the perception of the past, change the expectation for the future, and be set free to achieve your full potential to make your mark on the world and feel amazing every day.

WeBe Wellbeing


Rewrite your life story to experience more happiness and joy! Love what works to empower self-healing and well-being, which are our birthrights. Simple actions result in powerful change. Choose happy! Discover more with a FREE discovery call.

Linda Kattan


The Superconscious Recode is a transformative process designed to address and recalibrate the deep-seated, unconscious programming and unwanted emotions that hinder personal growth and well-being. Conducted in a group setting and led by a facilitator, this method involves a series of targeted questions that delve into the subconscious layers of the mind. Participants witness significant, rapid shifts in their emotional and mental states as the Recode safely facilitates these changes. This process is not confined to the physical presence within the group; individuals watching the process unfold through a video may also experience subtle internal shifts, indicating the potency and reach of the technique.

To experience the amazing shifts of the Superconscious Recode for yourself, Linda Kattan, a certified practitioner will guide you through the process. This professional guidance is crucial for embedding lasting results. The coach provides education and maintains participants in a “Flow Structure,” a state where they are optimally positioned to retrain and reset their mind and body. This deliberate and guided reprogramming allows individuals to choose and sustain the mental and emotional frameworks that serve them best.

Engaging with the Superconscious Recode offers a pathway to overcome the invisible barriers that prevent one from living a fulfilled life. By altering the underlying subconscious narratives, individuals can unlock a profound transformation, paving the way to a life aligned with their deepest desires and aspirations. This is an invitation to watch a demonstration of the Recode process in action it is not just an opportunity to observe its impact but also a step towards initiating personal change and embracing a life of love and satisfaction.

Mark Eslinger


Unlock success in 2024! Download ‘Mindset Mastery: A Blueprint for Achieving Your Goals,’ and receive an exclusive bonus from the ‘Thinking into Results’ program—unleash the power of A Worthy Ideal. Elevate your mindset and achieve transformative goals now!

Susana Cor de Rosa


Infinite Force: A revolutionary 5-week online meditation program for you to:
Overcome your limitations.
Connect yourself with the Infinite Force.
Feel less stressed.
Reprogramming your mind and emotions.
Feel confident, poised, and vibrant.
Expand your consciousness.
Experiencing more energy.
Be your happiest, wisest, and most evolved self.

Spiritual Wellness


Unlock Your Path to Wellness: Join me for a complimentary coaching session where we’ll tap into your spiritual and physical well-Being, setting the stage for transformation and growth. In this session, we’ll explore your unique wellness journey, uncover hidden blocks, and create a personalized plan to elevate your health and happiness. Spots are limited—secure yours today and start your journey to a more fulfilled, vibrant life!

Curtis Titus


Cultivate Positive Communication:
Quiet your inner turmoil and rediscover faith in the future with Curtis Titus.

Do you ever feel like it’s a struggle to share your best self with the world? Sometimes it seems like you’re stuck behind your own defensive walls. Instead of meeting challenging situations with the wisdom and calm you know you have within you, you lash out in frustration. This isn’t who you want to be, but with every new stressful situation you encounter you slip back into your old habits.

In this webinar, Curtis Titus will share the skills and practices he’s developed to build fortitude and access a sense of well-being even through the darkest of circumstances.

During this free event Curtis will help you:

*Better understand how anxiety impacts your sense of self trust.

*Build awareness of your language and its impact on yourself and others.

*And most importantly learn positive habits that you can apply immediately to access a greater sense of peace in every area of your life.

Join Curtis for this free event on February 12th at [Webinar Signup URL Https://curtistitus.com/PowerfulSelf_2024



If your life was a video game, and you could reprogram it to improve every part of your reality, would you want to learn how to do that?

Every video game has a source code. It’s what’s behind the scenes. I call it KARMA.

So when we learn to hack into karma, WE CAN REPROGRAM OUR REALITY!

"Suffering is Optional" - Yvon Chausseblanche


Suffering is optional. Ready to let go of your old belief systems and worn out stories and to take the driver’s seat in your life? You are in the right place! Give us a call at (510)419-9583 and schedule a free session where we will help you get clarity on your goals, your challenges and their impact on your life. You will leave the session with a renewed sense of purpose and ready to take on your challenges to manifest the life you truly deserve.

Tuli Kaldera


Immerse yourself in “Here and Now: A Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Manifesting Your Ideal Life,” and experience a profound journey within. As you surrender to the soothing guidance, anticipate a tranquil state of mind, a renewed sense of purpose, and an awakened connection to your deepest desires. This meditation is crafted to empower you with the clarity to envision and manifest your ideal life in each area. Unlock a serene inner landscape where your aspirations come to life, creating a harmonious and balanced existence. Embark on a transformative journey, where the present moment becomes a canvas for the masterpiece of your envisioned future. Embrace the potential for relaxation, guidance, and the manifestation of your dreams with each peaceful breath. Now is your time, today is your day to live a life you absolutely love living!



My 6-month group coaching program eliminates overwhelm and clarifies the path for aspiring women entrepreneurs, equipping them with a step-by-step guide to launch their online business. Within half a year, they’ll confidently attract their first clients, balancing work and family life seamlessly.

Dancing In the Vortex


Imagine feeling fabulous in your body, loving your life, earning more money, with your soulmate by your side, and savoring life like never before. Transforming struggles and loving life has a surprising key. Curious? Click the link below to learn more.

Bella Mind Body Spirit


Feeling unfulfilled even though you have all that money can buy? Ready for a change? Come to a free “Inner Wealth” Session with Beth Gordon to access your greatest power, your Inner Wealth, and begin your journey to fulfillment and happiness beyond what you have known.

Lana Wolfe, LLC


Get on the list for updates of the new movie The Science of Getting Rich featuring many of the same guests as in The Secret. Get free gifts and discounts from the speakers. Schedule a Dream Session with me to learn how I manifested a place in the movie and how I can help you manifest your dreams.

Act Now Life Coaching, LLC


ATTRACT ABUNDANCE NOW! Rewire Your Subconscious Mind, Release Scarcity and Attract Financial Prosperity in only 5 Minutes a Day. My complimentary Abundance Affirmations eBook reveals how to Get Rid of Unconscious Abundance Blocks Once & For All! Download Free E-Book Now!

Antje Klatte - Founder of MoneyMuscle


Take charge of your financial journey! Accomplished in your field but uncertain about your own finances? Let us empower you through our 7 Pivotal Prosperity Points. Attain financial freedom and lasting wealth with our support. Transform your dreams into reality and download the checklist now!

Julie Weisgerber & Janis Kosmala, ABC DEclutter with JJ


Clearing Your Clutter
5-week program with methods, routines & strategies to easily take back your home!
Tackle pesky Hotspots (flat surfaces that attract clutter)
Deal with “Didn’t Organize, Only Moved” (DOOM) boxes that you shoved things into to deal with Later – Welcome to Later!
DEclutter in Small Do-able Doses
Create a plan for YOU & Your Specific Space

Tiago:DSousa, The Happy Schedule Coach


TiagoDSousa presents ‘Happy Schedule Coaching – Master Your Time, Master Your Life.’
Are you overwhelmed by your schedule? This limited-time offer provides a complimentary coaching session to design a balanced, joyful schedule, uncover hidden challenges, and leave you re-energized.
Ideal for entrepreneurs, tech and corporate professionals and those wanting a career transition into entrepreneurship.
Take control of your time, achieve work-life harmony, and rediscover your passions. Join now to transform your life.
Act fast, this offer is in high demand!

Carol L. Stokes


I help women set healthy boundaries and end toxic relationships so they can create a more fulfilling life. I have a free session offer to “End Toxic Relationships Now” where you will create a crystal clear vision, uncover hidden challenges, and leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally break free from toxic relationships.

B. Kay Neal


And now for something completely different:
Is learning Latin on your bucket list?
What if you put it off until it’s too late?
You’ll have lived life Latinlessly, that’s what.
Escape that horrible fate by requesting my free report “Why You Are Absolutely Right to Want to Learn Latin”.

Scott Maly Consulting & NPT


10 Tips to Turbocharge Your Sales in 2024 and Beyond!
In an era where change is the only constant, strategies that leverage both human psychology and cutting-edge technology stand out. Drawing on nearly three decades of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with new start-up entrepreneurial companies to Global 100 Subsidiaries to help them generate tens of millions in sales in a variety of industries including tech, energy, and all types of services. I’m certified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer and Coach, Exponential Coach, Rapid Results Coach, and a Certified AI Business Coach. Here’s some distilled wisdom to turbocharge your sales efforts in 2024 and beyond!

Interview with Derek Rydall


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