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Join Rob Goyette’s “Fast Revenue Coaching” Through My Affiliate Link…

…And Get My “Elevate Your Income And Impact” Bonus Package Worth $16,500.00


Confident Coach: Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Coach, To Get More Clients, Help Them Better & Make More Money

In this powerful program you will:

  • Overcome any fears, doubts, or limiting beliefs that could be keeping you from taking action and making progress in your business
  • Work through any inner challenges standing in your way, slowing you down, or stopping you from making the next best moves
  • Understand what confidence is, where it comes from and what extreme confidence can do for your coaching business
  • Finally get over the “need to be perfect” to be a coach (rich, married, thin & no problems at all – unreasonable standards we coaches tend to measure ourselves by)

Value: $1,000.00

“Confident Coach” will boost your confidence by banishing fears and doubts, making you a more effective coach who attracts more clients and achieves greater financial success.


Rapid Results Coaching Academy: The Certification Program

In this powerful online coach training and certification program, you will…  

  • Master the 5 Step Client Breakthrough System to help clients get results fast  
  • Know for certain that your coaching is worth the high fees ($1000’s per month) your new clients will be paying you  
  • Get access to the “First 5 Sessions”, outlines to guide you in coaching your clients to achieve all the major goals they might have (in every major niche market) 

Value: $2,000.00

“Rapid Results Coaching Academy” certifies your expertise, giving you credibility with high-paying clients and the confidence to deliver transformative results using our 5 Step Client Breakthrough System.


One Ticket To Online Programs That Sell Live Event

During this live virtual 3-day event, you'll discover…

  • How to come up with a winning program idea (don’t make this mistake that dooms most programs to failure)
  • How to name a program so people instantly want it as soon as they hear the name of it
  • How to break a program down into bite-size chunks that are easily consumable, easily teachable, and highly valuable  
  • How to uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your program
  • How to do market research, so you know for certain you're creating an offer people anticipate and want             
  • How to get other people to market and sell your programs for you
  • How to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer

Value: $2,000.00

“Online Programs That Sell” arms you with strategies that attract clients and program-naming insights that immediately boost your market presence and credibility, ensuring you create offers that captivate and convert.


Make A Difference Marketing: Why You Can Stop Hating Marketing, Start Loving It, and Get Amazing Results

With this audio program, you will…  

  • Discover how your marketing can actually help more people than your coaching  
  • Unlock the confidence and courage to believe that you have an unlimited supply of things to share and can easily afford to give away your best stuff  Learn the mindset of highly successful marketers and entrepreneurs 

Value: $1,000.00

“Make A Difference Marketing” will help you effectively reach more people, confidently share your value, and embrace a mindset that leads to marketing success and greater impact.


Private 1-on-1 "Rapid Success" Coaching Session

This is a super-powerful 1-on-1 session with a wildly successful Rapid Business Success Coach on my team who will work with you to… 

  • Create an easy-to-implement “Client Attraction Action Plan” so you know what the most important priorities are every day 
  • Look at what’s going on in your business right now & find the holes that are losing you clients and money 
  • Uncover hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, or insecurities that may be sabotaging your attempts to scoop up brand new high-paying clients and… 
  • Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in your business – starting right now.

Value: $500.00

Your “Rapid Success Coaching Session” will help you develop a focused client attraction plan, identify and overcome business gaps and personal blocks, and reignite your passion for success.


Clients Like Clockwork

In this incredible training program, you’re going to discover how to…

  • Get clients quickly (in case you need a client asap).
  • Get clients consistently (so you don’t have to worry about droughts this coming fall, or during the holiday season ahead).
  • Get clients reliably (so you can have a full coaching practice for the rest of the year and beyond).
  • And much more…

Value: $2,000.00

“Clients Like Clockwork” provides reliable strategies to gain more clients by offering you methods to secure quick, consistent, and dependable client acquisition for sustained coaching success.


Free Your Time, Free Your Life: The Time Abundance Program

Most ‘time management’ programs don’t give you more ‘free time’. This program is different. It will transform your relationship with time altogether.   

In this powerful 7 module program, you’ll discover…  

  • How to free your mind of time scarcity, so “not enough time” never becomes an issue for you ever again    
  • How to develop patient timelines so you have plenty of time and space to make your biggest goals become an inevitable reality AND you enjoy the process a whole lot more   
  • How to set your life up so that you LOVE everything you do (imagine that!)

Value: $2,000.00

“Free Your Time, Free Your Life” will help you eliminate the mindset of time scarcity, set patient and achievable goals, and design a life filled with activities you love, ensuring your time is always rich and fulfilling.


Free Webinars That Sell: Create & Fill Highly Lucrative Webinars That Generate Massive Inflows Of Clients & Cash

This program is designed to teach you all of the key elements of selling products and programs via webinars. With these secrets, you'll be able to sell a program before you even create it. This is one of the most effective ways to spread your message, build your email list and make tons of money online.  

In this program, you'll discover the latest strategies on how to…   

  • Sell your highly lucrative products and programs straight from a webinar  
  • Make more sales with your program without putting in the money or effort of a full blown launch  
  • Turn your webinars into an event people pour in for and rave about to others  
  • Turn your webinars into an email list-building machine  
  • Connect with your target market on a deeper level so they trust you and are willing to pay you even more  
  • Infuse cash flow, during “dry” periods in your business

Value: $5,000.00

“Free Webinars That Sell” will help you create captivating webinars that not only build your list but also convert attendees into clients, boosting your income and expanding your reach.


Group Coaching Goldmine: How to Double Or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching

In this program, you’ll discover…  

  • How to make more money per hour while actually charging LESS 
  • How you can get more clients by enrolling them into group coaching, without talking higher-value prospects out of your 1-on-1 coaching 
  • How to effectively lead group coaching programs, live trainings, virtual events, and webinars and re-purpose them as information products
  • How to create, fill, and lead group coaching programs

Value: $1,000.00

“Group Coaching Goldmine” enhances your credibility and helps you get more clients by teaching you how to scale your coaching business effectively, allowing you to serve more clients while increasing your income.

Here’s A Summary Of What You’ll Get When You Enroll In Rob Goyette’s “Fast Revenue Coaching” Through My Affiliate Link…

Confident Coach $1,000.00
Rapid Results Coaching Academy $2,000.00
One Ticket To Online Programs That Sell Live Event​ $2,000.00
Make A Difference Marketing $1,000.00
Private 1-on-1 Rapid Success Coaching Session​ $500.00
Clients Like Clockwork​ $2,000.00
Free Your Time, Free Your Life $2,000.00
Free Webinars That Sell $5,000.00
Group Coaching Goldmine $1,000.00
TOTAL VALUE $16,500.00

That’s $16,500.00 worth of bonuses that’ll help you reach more people with your coaching business…

…on top of the ingenious way, you can generate fast coaching revenue thanks to Rob Goyette’s program!

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