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Congratulations again on investing in yourself with Eben Pagan's Virtual Coach…

Here’s the complete bonus package you’ll get if you chose the Full Pay option or decide to stay on with Eben after the trial.

Massive Coaching Success Bonus Package

Bonus #1: 90 Days Of Private 1-on-1 “Rapid Success” Coaching Sessions

For 90 days, you’ll get 3, 30-minute, 1-on-1 sessions per month where you’ll get to work with a Rapid Business Success Coach.

Your coach will help you put all of Eben’s teachings into action so you get a flood of clients as well as help you skyrocket other areas of your business. 

You’ll get to…

  • Look at what’s going on in your business right now & find the holes that could be losing you clients and money
  • Create an easy-to-implement “Rapid Success Action Plan” so you know exactly what to do to grow your business every day
  • Uncover hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, or insecurities that may be sabotaging your attempts to get new high-paying clients like clockwork. And…
  • Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in your business – starting right now

You’re going to get incredible results with this level of support!

Value: $11,000.00

Bonus #2: Personalized Marketing Support With My Marketing Team

This is a very exciting bonus because it gives you a chance to work directly with my team through 3 group sessions.

This is your opportunity to create high revenue-generating marketing materials with the help of my team without having to undergo tons of trial and error.

Ask all your questions, get anything you want to be reviewed, and walk away with my copy and marketing secrets. 

My marketing team has been responsible for millions of dollars worth of sales for me, so I know they can give you important insights that'll make your business a success.

Value: $5,000.00 

Bonus #3: Highly Persuasive: Advanced Influence Skills Training

Persuasion is one of the most powerful skills to possess. People who are highly persuasive have things come to them much easier.

In this powerful program, I will share with you the mindset, language patterns, and communication structures of highly persuasive people.

You’ll be able to use it to get what you want at home, at work, in your business, at the store, or wherever you want.

During this powerful training, you will discover how to…

  • Get the things that you want in a way that’s mutually beneficial and non-manipulative
  • Have people buy from you more often and at higher price points
  • Have people fall in love with you
  • Eliminate arguments
  • Become a great leader
  • And much more…

Value: $5,000.00

Bonus #4: High End Selling Secrets Live Event Training Recordings

Here's what you'll discover…

How to package irresistible high end offers

  • Where to find high end clients who want your high end offers
  • How to sign up high end clients from webinars, guest speaker appearances, and live events
  • How to enroll clients in your high end 1-on-1 programs and mastermind programs with ease
  • How to eliminate fears and insecurities that make you think you’re not worth high end fees
  • The #1 most powerful patented system for overcoming objectives (this system has helped me skyrocket his high ticket sales in the past few years)
  • The ultimate down sell offer and how to implement it in your business

Value: $5,000.00

Bonus #5: Big Money Business Coach: The Business Coach Training & Certification Program

In this powerful program, you will discover how to… 

  • How to work with business owners to double, triple, or 10X their sales and profits 
  • The 5 critical success factors to effectively coach business owners
  • How to attract and sign up business owner clients
  • Discover organizational development strategies for building a world-class team
  • Help clients find low-hanging fruit so they make big money fast and see you as well worth the investment right out of the gate

Value: $10,000.00

Bonus #6: Rapid Results Coaching Academy: The Coach Training And Certification Program

In this powerful online coach training and certification program, you will…  

  • Master the 5 Step Client Breakthrough System to help clients get results fast  
  • Know for certain that your coaching is worth the high fees ($1000’s per month) your new clients will be paying you

Value: $2,000.00

Bonus #7: Group Coaching Goldmine: How to Double Or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching

In this program, you’ll discover…  

  • How to make more money per hour while actually charging LESS  
  • How you can get more clients by enrolling them into group coaching, without talking higher-value prospects out of your 1-on-1 coaching   
  • How to effectively lead group coaching programs and webinars and re-purpose them as information products  
  • How to create, fill, and lead group coaching programs

Value: $1,000.00

Bonus #8: 2 Free Tickets To Heal Your Money $h*t Now

At this powerful virtual event, you'll discover…

  • Discover hidden factors that could be holding you back from getting all of the money and clients you want
  • Take the “Wealth Abundance Assessment” to find out how abundant or scarcity-ridden you are
  • Uncover any invisible childhood traumas and programming that could be crimping the flow of money from coming into your life
  • Find out the #1 master key to becoming rich and prosperous
  • My personal money journey and how I went from welfare to multi-millionaire
  • Discover how to dissolve fears like talking about money, raising your coaching fees and getting high paying clients to say, “yes” right on the spot

Value: $4,000.00

Bonus #9: I'll Promote You To My List!

I'll share your offer in an email that goes out to my entire list.

Your offer will be listed in one of several categories and my whole list will be able to check it out.

This could be an incredible opportunity for you to build your email list, book free sessions, or make sales.

My list has a huge number of amazing coaches and you're going to get promoted to all of them!

Value: $10,000.00 or much more!

Total Bonus Package Value: $53,000.00+

Keep an eye on your email for information about how to claim all your bonuses… coming soon!

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